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We design and manufacture control systems, measurement equipment,
automation of machines and devices with a wide range of applications
according to customer needs.

e.g. heating, stoves, electric heaters, photovoltaics, injection molding machines, powder paint shops, incubators,
aquariums, greenhouses, boilers, smokehouses, distillers, brewing, cooling, refrigerators, freezers, coolers,
cooling counters, fans, air conditioners, honey extractors ... and many others
Honey extractor

Engine speed control

Speed ​​regulators of the brushed (commutator), induction motor (brushless) or direct current (DC) motors.

If you are interested in a honey extractor engine speed regulator,
but you are not sure which one to choose - please contact us!

We will help you to choose the right engine speed regulator for the honey extractor
based on the information from the nameplate of the controlled motor.
1. Knob - to change rotation speed
2. Switch - Left / Right rotation direction
3. Emergency STOP button
4. Power supply connection cable (RED mark)
5. Motor power supply cable 12V/24V (BLUE mark)
6. ON switch
7. Green LED - ready to work indicator
8. Timer knob - from 0 to 9 minutes (1 minute steps)
9. RED LED - engine work indicator
10. OFF switch
11. mounting bracket
DC Honey extractor regulator + Timer

Suitable for use by amateurs or professionals.
Honey extractor with a DC 12V or 24V motor

The controller allows smooth speed adjustment - so you can start with the minimum speed needed to spin new and full frames of honey
and smoothly move to very fast speed  - then, the exact effect of a dried honey frame will be obtained. Thanks to this, the beekeeper can decide what engine speed they need at a given moment - the engine speeds are smoothly regulated by a potentiometer (knob) located in the front part of the regulator. Timer option (knob 8) to set the working time  from 0 to 9 minutes. Therefore, the engine will be automatically shut off after exceeding the pre-set time. A noteworthy feature is the ability to change the left / right direction of rotation of the honey extractor's motor. In addition, the DC honey extractor regulator is also equipped with a red safety switch, which shuts down the engine immediately if necessary.

Please note!
*Before changing the rotation direction, it is recommended to set the power switch to the "0" position and after stopping the engine, switch it to the opposite rotation direction.
**The regulator of the DC honey extractor is not equipped with a power supply as a standard but we can provide it on a special request.

Technical data:

power input: 12V or 24V DC max 20A (240W) 
output: 12V or 24V max 20A (240W) 
Knob for smooth change of engine speed: from 0 to 100% 
Button to change the direction of the engine: left / right 
mounting bracket power cable: about 1m
cable for connecting the honey extractor engine: about 0.5 m
working temperature: -15 to 40 ° C 
controller dimensions without the mounting bracket: W:105mm / L:200mm / H:105mm
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