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for home and industries

We design and manufacture control systems, measurement equipment,
automation of machines and devices with a wide range of applications
according to customer needs.

e.g. heating, stoves, electric heaters, photovoltaics, injection molding machines, powder paint shops, incubators,
aquariums, greenhouses, boilers, smokehouses, distillers, brewing, cooling, refrigerators, freezers, coolers,
cooling counters, fans, air conditioners, honey extractors ... and many others
Automate your photovoltaic system

We will advise and make the best solution that will be adapted
to the efficiency of the solar panel system.
We design controls and automation for photovoltaic batteries, hot water boilers,
heat distribution system, heating mats and many more

Please contact us to discuss the details!
Buffer control in tariff mode

The system is recommended for heating water in DHW home photovoltaic systems or also for more advanced, industrial ones. An additional advantage is undoubtedly the possibility of a wide expansion of the system with new heaters or one more thermal buffer. All this is guaranteed by the EATON PLC controller.

Automation in action

The system controls the temperature of the hot water buffer. It manages three heaters separately, therefore it has the option of setting any temperature on any selected heater. The device has been programmed in such way that the operation takes place in the night tariff hours only or 24h/day without interruption - user settings. The intuitive programmable controller is also a display that is responsible for the operation and transmission of information about the heaters. Quiet and accurate operation is achieved thanks to the use of reliable electronic SSR power relays.
1.  24V power supply
2.  Eaton PLC controller
3.  PT100 sensor converters
4.  ON/OFF switch
5.  N terminal
6.  Overcurrent protection - power supply switch
7.  L1, L2, L3 termianls
8.  3kW heating element connection terminals
9.  PE terminal
10. 3kW heating element connection terminals
11. 6kW heating element connection terminals
12. Overcurrent protection - heating elements protection
13. Mode SWITCH - 24h/day or NIGHT tarrif only
14. SSR power relays
Product designation:

The above controller setup is an example only. We are flexible when it comes to changing functions or components in our products on customer requests. We can advise, design and manufacture the controller tailored for your needs.

Please contact us to discuss the details!

Technical data:

power supply 3 phase 400V
heaters control:  2x 3kW heating element and 1x 6kW heating element
temperature control up to max 90C
work only in NIGHT tarrif mode or continuously
separate control of three heating elements
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