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Smokehouse controller

Adjustment of the smokehouse heaters

If you are interested in advanced control of the smokehouse system - please contact us!
We advise and create automation solutions for a smokehouses
at the customer's request
so that the final product is of the highest quality and had all the necessary security.
Smokehouse controller with two sensors

If you are the owner of an amateur or professional smokehouse / dryer or you are in the process of completing it and you need an independent, safe, intuitive and easy-to-use control, this is the perfect solution for you, which was created in response to the needs of the smoking congregation.
Our smokehouse control with two independent sensors will allow you to get the desired effect on your products!
Control system content:

CONTROLLER - equipped with two temperature regulators
SENSORS - two PT-100 temperature sensors - including a bayonet probe designed to stick into a smoked product (meat, sausages, fish, etc.) It is a long probe with a sharp end, 4 mm in diameter and measuring accuracy 0.1 ° C

Thanks to this modern controller, the operation of the smokehouse becomes practically maintenance-free

The set includes two industrial temperature sensors PT100 (temperature measurement from -50 ° C to 300 ° C)

1pc with a cable length of 1.5m - measuring element - stainless steel 5x25mm
1pc bayonet sensor - stainless steel with a sharp tip - diameter 4mm

How to operate the device:

* insert the bayonet sensor into the product to be smoked
* place the small sensor in the smoker
* LEFT screen controller - to program the maximum temperature that we want to achieve inside the smoker
* RIGHT screen controller - to program the maximum temperature the smoked product will reach inside of it
* Start the smoking process

After reaching the set temperature inside the smokehouse, it is maintained until the smoked product reaches the programmed temperature inside! When this happens, the smokehouse turns off.

Moreover, the following parameters are displayed on the regulators during the entire smoking process:
current temperature - red
programmed temperature - green color

The device is easy to use and at the same time it makes the smoking process much easier.

Technical data of the regulator of the smokehouse:
power supply: 230V
output load: max 4KW (20A)
overcurrent protection
two readable drivers
compact housing with dimensions (mm): 220 length / 240 width / 95 height
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